Getting MetricBeat to talk to the Elastic Stack in Docker

Getting a 3 node Elasticsearch Cluster with a separate Kibana node is surprisingly easy with Elastic’s well documented Docker support. I’m wanting to explore using MetricBeat to retrieve statistics from Azure using the Azure Monitor metricset. So I figured that running MetricBeat in Docker would also make sense. My experience with Docker is limited as… Continue reading Getting MetricBeat to talk to the Elastic Stack in Docker


Being a fan of musicals, having worked on a few in my time with my previous career in theatre & TV lighting, I’ve grown to love Neil Patrick Harris after seeing his Tony Awards host performances. You’ve seen these, right? (Yes, it’s another YouTube post!). I never really was a Doogie Howser MD watcher so… Continue reading NPH

Winter Solstice

I think of one of my grandmothers at this time of year. She was a gentle soul and the family story revolves around the Winter Solstice which occurs on December 22nd this year. “[The Winter Solstice] happens twice yearly, once in each hemisphere (Northern and Southern). For that hemisphere, the winter solstice is the day… Continue reading Winter Solstice

On A Scale

On a scale from one to ten A voice from the far end of a tunnel said The distant sense of an ambulance beneath me My narrowed vision forming the passage between reality and me. Where one is no pain at all The rasping sound of the gas regulator Rattled abruptly amidst this angelic voice… Continue reading On A Scale

Save all your love

It’s that time of year when traditions get dusted off and proudly used once more in celebration of another year of love, friendship, community, and family. The celebration of the Christian Christmas story has been enjoyed for many years, amplified by the Victorian Era who introduced many of the things and some songs we still… Continue reading Save all your love

I <3 YouTube

I cannot claim to be an expert or super-fan but I do have a very soft spot for YouTube. My viewing history is a combination of music, comedy, some YouTube legends, and a smattering of other odds and ends. And it’s that variety and hidden gems that keeps me coming back for more. I could… Continue reading I <3 YouTube


Recently I’ve been discussing the concept on DefCon or ‘Defence Readiness Condition‘ which took me back to watching WarGames the movie as a kid. It’s always hard to make a decision about what are my favourite movies that I’ve seen but WarGames consistently makes the top 5, if not top 3. I think the major… Continue reading WarGames

Arabian Derby

Another year, another great Nottingham Tech Christmas Party this time at Penny Lane; a bar with a handful of seaside amusements to play. It was a really fun evening and another chance for Mr Tech Nottingham, Andrew Seward, to don his now-legendary Hack24 Entertainment pink jacket. The game behind him is the Arabian Derby. Whilst… Continue reading Arabian Derby

The Pilgrim Soul

Last Christmas I was given a book by my wife called “A Poem For Every Night of the Year” compiled by Allie Esiri. The 29th November featured a poem by W.B. Yeats. Whilst reading it one phrase stood out: “the Pilgrim Soul”. It’s often the case that the skill of a poet is distilling ideas… Continue reading The Pilgrim Soul