I just wanted to personally recommend a log view utility I’ve had the luck of finding recently, actually thanks to Ian again. Around October time, Ian contacted the logging.apache.org group asking : “Does anyone know of an application that is capable of loading a log file that has been written to using the RollingFileAppender?” He… Continue reading Log4View

Making a Mockery

Thanks to some example code by Ian I’ve completed my first Mockery. NMock allows you to instantiate mock objects based on interface declarations alone. It’s already saved me a potential chicken and egg scenario where to get an instance of the normal object that’s inputting into the method I was testing I’d have had to… Continue reading Making a Mockery

SLAP, my service’s up!

As part of the new raft of services in development here at Esendex Towers, Adam‘s been busy with his inventing hat on again. Fresh from the lab is SLAP: Service Location and Announcement Protocol. This post is inspired by just how useful basing your inter-service communications on SLAP can be when it comes to development,… Continue reading SLAP, my service’s up!

Getting real with speech

As part of the continuous research into new ideas, I’ve been helping out research and evaluate RealSpeak Telecom from Nuance. One thing that’s not instantly clear from the documentation is how to play back the ‘standard.pcm’ file that the standard demonstration application they provide generates. To be fair to them, they do tell you that… Continue reading Getting real with speech

Blog It!

It’s been a busy time at Esendex Towers because behind the scenes we’ve created a whole new service for anyone whose wanting to blog on the move. BlogIt is a free service where you can sign up to be able to blog by text message. There are a lot of fancy mobile phones out there… Continue reading Blog It!

Test Driven Documentation

Esendex fully embraces the idea of test-driven development (TDD), something I was introduced to during my time at Fujitsu-Siemens Computers. Microsoft have just released a new MSDN site called the Tester Center Home. Whilst I’m sure its got some useful information on it, the matter-of-fact MSDN style doesn’t invite me to delve into it to… Continue reading Test Driven Documentation