TechEd Day 2: Summary

Today was the first fully packed schedule. Lots of notes still to write up but here’s a quick overview of what happened.  First off I went into the Building Rich Web Applications using Silverlight 2 session. Kathy introduced a 200 level session on what kinds of things Silverlight 2 can do over Silverlight. The answer… Continue reading TechEd Day 2: Summary

TechEd Day 1 : Keynote speech

As we were ushered in to an imposing auditorium It seemed the three DJs and VJ were entertaining a lonely, featured HP server rack on stage.  Having a tiny special ‘Early Bird’ section down the front did seem a little pointless when I’d hazard a guess that well over 70% of delegates would’ve been signing up for… Continue reading TechEd Day 1 : Keynote speech

TechEd : Day 1

Greetings from Barcelona. Today started in the afternoon with the keynote speech from Jason Zander which has introduced new functionality in Visual Studio 2010. A very honest bloke who was brave enough to demo us Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7. Not just taking the safety off, but practically taking the tightrope away as well.… Continue reading TechEd : Day 1