Farewell Morse

It was a sad day yesterday. Morse, a part of my family for 11 years, died suddenly. In many ways it’s a blessing. He was very much loved and didn’t suffer at the end. One minute he was with us, the next he’d gone. Never overly affectionate, he knew when he wanted things like clockwork… Continue reading Farewell Morse

Remote Desktop Connection Smart Sizing

If you use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) a lot then you might be interested in an option that’s not available via the GUI. ‘Smart Sizing’ allows you to scale the screen to the size of the RDC window rather than the default option where the remote desktop gets cropped. If you open a new… Continue reading Remote Desktop Connection Smart Sizing

It’s full of stars!

It’s amazing what a weekend stuck in a loft can achieve. No, I don’t mean the arms full of fiberglass we got (apparently a tip is to cover yourself in talcum powder first). A fibre of a different kind ended up creating a magical star ceiling for my brother’s soon-to-be-completed home cinema. Attention to detail… Continue reading It’s full of stars!

C# Abstract Exceptions

We’ve just been writing some new exceptions based initially on an abstract Exception class. When the attempt to write a catch statement to catch all exceptions which inherited from this abstract base class it wasn’t behaving as expected. The gotcha here is that C#/.NET doesn’t allow you to catch exceptions from an abstract class. If… Continue reading C# Abstract Exceptions

Is Microsoft’s future ‘delicious’?

So have you had chance to see Microsoft’s (supposed) answer to Apple’s excellent Get A Mac adverts yet? Well in case not, I’ve included it after the break. So I get the fact its got people talking because its obtuse, I get the fact that its not tying them to advertising one product but seriously… Continue reading Is Microsoft’s future ‘delicious’?