TryParseExact and UTC DateTime

I’m in the midst of SIP-land at the moment and looking at the expiry time of requests. After discovering a subtle difference in the parsing of DateTime strings between my development machine and the production servers, we’re now using the DateTime.TryParseExact() method to specify exactly what the service should expect to see. One of the… Continue reading TryParseExact and UTC DateTime

New iPhones ahoy?

The recent news that the 8Gb version of the iPhone was discounted wasn’t a huge shock with rumours of a pending 3G / Business flavoured iPhone in the distance.  However, today sees MacRumours reporting that O2 have stopped selling ANY iPhones, 8Gb or 16Gb. Sales might have been lighter than they anticipated, due to the… Continue reading New iPhones ahoy?

SourceSafe: “Only one database connection at a time is supported.”

I’ve been having intermittent problems with Visual Studio 2005 and SourceSafe 2005 occasionally complaining that “Only one database connection at a time is supported” when I load up solutions with multiple projects in them. A Microsoft Knowledge-base article pointed me to the potential problem. Looking in the mssccprj.scc files for  both .csproj files loaded in… Continue reading SourceSafe: “Only one database connection at a time is supported.”