How tired is Vista, baby?

The reason for this post has been triggered by me reading an excellent article by Dave Jewell called Vista – End of the Dream?. I encourage you to go read the whole thing but I particularly felt a lot of sympathy with his comments about maintainability of code. Ok puns aside, I don’t know how… Continue reading How tired is Vista, baby?


In my quest to play with the macro feature on my digital camera, I became intregued with a large group of ladybirds who appeared in my garden a couple of years back. Ever since then, I’ve been interested in them. Recently I was hanging out this white fleece blanket on the line to dry and spotted that a friendly garden visitor had paused  to take rest. The beauty of having a 3.2Mp Sony Ericsson K800i it enables… Continue reading Ladybirds


Well it all went a bit ‘Pete Tong’ two weeks ago when my server decided to get a few critical bad sectors on its main drive forcing a reinstall from scratch. In many ways its been a good process because for a while I’ve been wanting to upgrade the OS running on the box and… Continue reading Hold!