XP’s Command Prompt retains old environment variables settings

The following post is courtesy of the IMMWITWIGIOTSS Society to save your brain while it’s still pressing Snooze at home. Logic would dictate if you update the PATH environment variable then you’d hope the next command you uttered from the command prompt window would use this updated information. You can keep typing ‘echo %PATH%’ till… Continue reading XP’s Command Prompt retains old environment variables settings

Welcome to dev:ices

I’ve decided to give my development blog a new lease of life since the reinstall of the server. I guess the other reason I’m hopeful about continuing to blog more is the discovery of ScribeFire which plugs into Firefox and seems to make the whole process of blogging a lot easier. Not least the ability… Continue reading Welcome to dev:ices

A year in the grid

Just a quick post to celebrate a mini-milestone. I’ve just realised that my World Community Grid clients have clocked up over a year of run time towards helping research projects in areas such as muscular dystrophy and looking for potential AIDS cures. I started running the software on my Windows Server box two years ago,… Continue reading A year in the grid

How tired is Vista, baby?

The reason for this post has been triggered by me reading an excellent article by Dave Jewell called Vista – End of the Dream?. I encourage you to go read the whole thing but I particularly felt a lot of sympathy with his comments about maintainability of code. Ok puns aside, I don’t know how… Continue reading How tired is Vista, baby?


In my quest to play with the macro feature on my digital camera, I became intregued with a large group of ladybirds who appeared in my garden a couple of years back. Ever since then, I’ve been interested in them. Recently I was hanging out this white fleece blanket on the line to dry and spotted that a friendly garden visitor had paused  to take rest. The beauty of having a 3.2Mp Sony Ericsson K800i it enables… Continue reading Ladybirds


Well it all went a bit ‘Pete Tong’ two weeks ago when my server decided to get a few critical bad sectors on its main drive forcing a reinstall from scratch. In many ways its been a good process because for a while I’ve been wanting to upgrade the OS running on the box and… Continue reading Hold!