Arabian Derby

Another year, another great Nottingham Tech Christmas Party this time at Penny Lane; a bar with a handful of seaside amusements to play. It was a really fun evening and another chance for Mr Tech Nottingham, Andrew Seward, to don his now-legendary Hack24 Entertainment pink jacket.

The game behind him is the Arabian Derby. Whilst we couldn’t clearly hear the lyrics of the theme tune last night, I did a bit of digging and shared the theme tune. However that got me digging into the history of the game.

From what I can tell, the game was brought to the UK by George Valentine Tonner in the 1920s who was an American Irish jockey. Presumably then the game had been in America first and was brought to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

According to Roll-A-Ball Ltd a renewed version was invented and released in 1972 by Arthur Helm & Stuart Keane. It had been Arthur’s father who had helped move & operate one of these Derby machines so it had been in the family. Whilst I can’t find details about the composer or performers of the theme song it definitely has a 1970s sound to it so its likely to have been released around when the machine was modernised.

So little did I realise we were participating in a bit of gaming history nearly 100 years old.

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