Being a fan of musicals, having worked on a few in my time with my previous career in theatre & TV lighting, I’ve grown to love Neil Patrick Harris after seeing his Tony Awards host performances. You’ve seen these, right? (Yes, it’s another YouTube post!).

I never really was a Doogie Howser MD watcher so its his theatre and HIMYM appearances that have brought him to my attention. In particular the excellent Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog (which I implore you to seek out & purchase).

These are not in chronological order. To tempt you into this path, I’ll start with my favourite Tony Award show opener from 2013. “Bigger”

Back in 2011, Neil pleads that “Broadway is not just for gays anymore”

In 2012, a segue between The Book of Mormon and NPH’s opening number proved a winning combination.

You can enjoy more moments in my playlist, including Neil’s Hedwig & The Angry Inch.

I know that James Cordon took on the baton in recent years and did a fine job of evoking that celebration of all things theatre. But I still think Neil carries it off with aplomb.

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