I <3 YouTube

I cannot claim to be an expert or super-fan but I do have a very soft spot for YouTube. My viewing history is a combination of music, comedy, some YouTube legends, and a smattering of other odds and ends.

And it’s that variety and hidden gems that keeps me coming back for more. I could do a whole talk or series on the random things I’ve discovered over the years; some obviously viral, some probably less well known.

So here’s a few to be getting on with in case you’ve not tripped over them yet. And have I got more where this came from!

Mean Hedge-cutter

If you’re going to slice a hedge in two what better way than to strap what can only be described as an oversized propeller to a huge diesel engine. The air whipping noise it generates at speed is truly terrifying and clearly this thing could be devastating if it ever broke in operation.

Reggie Watts

Whilst he might have found a new home on James Cordon’s late night show, I think I first discovered Reggie Watts on Russell Howard’s standup show. His ability to create music on the fly using a looper is one thing; but this PopTech talk shows how his ‘stream of consciousness’ rambling is also so on point. I’m a fan of Beardyman too (and they’ve collaborated as well which was great to see). I’ll link to both PopTech and Russell Howard performances because you deserve this in your life.


It’s difficult for me to fathom just how huge Psy’s following in the Far East is but he came to our attention through the worldwide viral sensation, Gangnam Style. Gangnam Style remains one of the most watched videos on YouTube (currently around the 3.4 Billion views).

Some of his other hits are equally catchy and come with the same sort of wild dance moves. Daddy is one such.

Psy – Daddy
Psy – Gentleman

So now you’re familiar with a few more Psy hits, next I want to introduce you to the scale of his live shows. I’m a dance fan; I can’t dance really myself (not like this) so ensemble shows like this always impress me. So have a look at this medley of Napal Baji, Daddy, and Gangnam Style from the MNet Asian Music Awards from 2015.

I could go on (and I probably will over this Dec19ContentChallenge) but that’ll do for the moment. Enjoy!

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