Hole in the wall

I hope for our sales the BBC don’t make a cheesy hash of ‘Hole In The Wall’ but with Dale Winton at the helm it sounds like it’s headed that way. ‘Human Tetris’ or ‘Tunnels’ in Japan is a successful game show where contestants stand in the way of an advancing polystyrene wall with a… Continue reading Hole in the wall

British Summer

I love the UK and all it’s quirkiness including the weather. It’s a lovely day here in Nottingham and was yesterday. It’s been very meditteranean here at the moment. No doubt it’ll be raining tomorrow. So what’s to like? It never gets boring that’s what. I’m no good in very hot weather. You can always… Continue reading British Summer

iPhone now blogs

So finally the application I’ve been missing has turned up on the Application Store. WordPress from those lovely people at Automattic has provided a free app to blog direct to my self-hosted blogs. It’s a great first step and works really well. I hope a future version will include an admin interface as well. So… Continue reading iPhone now blogs


Good morning and welcome from Clumber Street in Nottingham outside the O2 store. It’s nearly time and we’re quietly confident here at the front of the queue. I’m in 9th place so fingers crossed! Mobile post from the Esendex BlogIt service

ODear, no iPhone

It took me a while to spot my email from O2 this morning admittedly. The chance to pre-order a 3G iPhone for delivery on launch day on Friday. A perfect opportunity to avoid queuing for nothing before work. I was all excited and started to fill out the forms convinced that as I’d added a… Continue reading ODear, no iPhone