I just wanted to personally recommend a log view utility I’ve had the luck of finding recently, actually thanks to Ian again. Around October time, Ian contacted the logging.apache.org group asking : “Does anyone know of an application that is capable of loading a log file that has been written to using the RollingFileAppender?” He… Continue reading Log4View

When clothing and gadgets shouldn’t mix

It’s long been said that soon we’ll all have interconnected clothing, maybe even internet-enabled clothing, so that we become able to charge, plug in and head towards becoming bionic? Well Gizmodo has posted details of a jeans and keyboard combination which I have to agree with them, looks wrong in so many ways. Have a… Continue reading When clothing and gadgets shouldn’t mix

New look

As I’m finding myself actually using this blog a lot more than I have done in the past, I decided an updated look was needed. A bit of spring cleaning, so to speak. For any of you using WordPress (and 2.5 represents a nice milestone release, job well done to everyone involved), there’s a great… Continue reading New look

Making a Mockery

Thanks to some example code by Ian I’ve completed my first Mockery. NMock allows you to instantiate mock objects based on interface declarations alone. It’s already saved me a potential chicken and egg scenario where to get an instance of the normal object that’s inputting into the method I was testing I’d have had to… Continue reading Making a Mockery

Adding SQL Server Management Studio to a development machine

A quick post in case any of you developers out there are having trouble adding the SQL Server Management Studio tool if you have Visual Studio 2005 with an installation of SQL Server Express Edition 2005. The setup.exe will fail when it checks your current install, especially if you’ve been applying Windows Updates which may… Continue reading Adding SQL Server Management Studio to a development machine

NDA vs Blogs and Forums

While trying to learn something new, the Internet proves a valuable resource. A quick Google usually reveals enough blog entries with other people having similar problems that you can find what you’re after. The trouble with the Beta SDK’s for the iPhone at the moment is that while they are in development themselves, all users… Continue reading NDA vs Blogs and Forums

Does iPhone mean business?

I’m in the process of using and understanding the new iPhone SDK from Apple. Consequently, I’m keeping my eyes keenly on new news stories about the iPhone. There are plenty of rumours surrounding the iPhone especially ahead of the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June. The main rumours regard a possible 3G version of… Continue reading Does iPhone mean business?