Take Control with Mel Robbins

I had the pleasure of listening to the latest #Rizamblings podcast episode (details below) with the incomparable Riz & award-winning photographer and awesome human being & friend, @MrsEmma. The #RizambleAlong that Emma set was asking for book or other recommendations about #SelfCare. A lot of the non fiction I’ve been reading lately has been about… Continue reading Take Control with Mel Robbins

Community builder

I chatted with Jess White last Friday lunchtime about the Women In Tech meetup again for my Twine Radio podcast. After getting back to the Tech Nottingham Slack #general channel, Tom asked how I chose the people for the podcast. It’s made me take a step back and remind myself where I was, what I… Continue reading Community builder

Hack24 2016

The wait is over. Winter may be coming but so is Hack24 2016 and I can’t wait. Clear your calendar for the weekend of 19th & 20th March 2016 because you’ll want to be free to take part in this excellent event. The first Hack24 was such a roaring success I’m sure 2016’s event will build on… Continue reading Hack24 2016

Fixing upgraded Windows 10 HP Desktop with broken System Restore partition

I know that this post is very niche but given I spent around 11 hours of last Saturday fixing an Hewlett Packard All-In-One Computer that couldn’t boot I thought I’d share my findings in the hope it saves someone else the pain. The computer had stopped booting into Windows and was showing a flashing cursor on… Continue reading Fixing upgraded Windows 10 HP Desktop with broken System Restore partition

Kickstarter: Sinclair ZX Spectrum Bluetooth Keyboard

A novel retro idea of recreating a ZX Spectrum as a Bluetooth keyboard for tablet computers. Personally I’d have thought concentrating on it as a keyboard first, rather than as a gaming device, would’ve had more wide-ranging appeal. It’ll be interesting to see if they meet their goal with the gaming as their first aim.

BBC Video Ident

As another year passes and progress continues towards wearable tech etc. I like to keep reminding myself of how far we’ve come even in my lifetime. As a child of the 70s, you can’t underestimate how revolutionary the synthesiser sound was to fresh ears. And look at these ‘cutting edge’ futuristic graphics. This, ladies and… Continue reading BBC Video Ident

The Lego Movie

The Lego franchise has been branching out in many ways over the years, reinforcing the toy’s position as still the most adaptable and fun toy that encourages children to creative play (ok i’m biased as I’m a big fan). The pending release of a movie could go one of two ways, but from the evidence… Continue reading The Lego Movie

6 steps to update Jenkins Slave Agents on Windows

After having updated Jenkins to the latest Long Term Service release (1.509.4) I wanted to ensure the Windows Slave Agents that we’ve got running were up to date. The Windows Slave agents had previously been installed using the Java Web Start process and then turned into Windows Service slave agents. The blog post contains the 6 steps to help update or upgrade your Jenkins Slave agents on Windows.