Tech Nottingham springs forward

There’s lots of exciting things going on in Nottingham at the moment. In fact as a city there’s always been a buzz around the place; an ‘anything is possible’ feeling all the way from the City Council down to those who live and work in it. We are also lucky to have a strong technology sector based in the city in a wide range of sectors.

The buzz is not limited to energy applied within companies as we’re lucky to have a community of like-minded individuals willing and keen to share ideas, passions and best practices in community events out of business hours.

Tech Nottingham is a monthly event that is launching from May 2014 and will be based out of Antenna which is already the focus for a lot of great events like Nott Tuesday and Second Wednesday.

It’s based on the great foundation of GeekUp Nottingham which Gemma Cameron setup in 2010. I’ve been an attendee and a speaker on a small handful of occasions and thoroughly enjoy the chance to meet up and share ideas with people I don’t get the chance to chat to in my day to day job at Esendex.

I’m pleased and supportive of the rebranding to Tech Nottingham for two main reasons.

First is that I personally don’t feel the event to date has gained much from the association with the GeekUp brand. It’s a good ‘ice breaker’ to give people a clue to what it might be about. However it also has the potential with the word ‘Geek’ to maybe turn some folk away.

I’m sure each GeekUp in the land is different and there is no right or wrong way to run one. I’ve just not witnessed any central ‘force’ pushing the success of GeekUps; no cross-retweeting, no central campaigning, no push to local media etc.
The success of GeekUp in Nottingham has been very much down to Gemma, Andrew Seward (its current Captain) and its members. So I don’t think breaking association harms the event at all.

Secondly, Tech Nottingham is aiming to continue to differentiate from other tech social events in the area by throwing its net even wider. The successful format already sees talks by experts intersperced with katas, dojos and retrospectives to name but a few of the different session types tried over the years.

In Andrew’s latest post on the new Tech Nottingham website he paints the picture of the future involving

hack events, campaigns, spin-off meetups on specialist subjects, workshops, training, help for startups, charities and community groups”. 

This exciting mission statement is the perfect time for a rebrand to something that can reflect all that it is hoped this community can become. It’s also clear that Andrew is looking to the members themselves to help him deliver this which I look forward to seeing how I can assist.

Personally being involved with GeekUp and other community projects like Code Club is that it’s not just personal development that can come out of voluntarily meeting up with other folk. There’s a chance to continue to share the knowledge to a wider, even non technical, audience through activities that can benefit others than the participants. The simplest goal of making others know that there’s meet ups like this

The first meeting (if you will) of Tech Nottingham will be at Antenna on Monday, 12th May at 6.30pm. Hope to see you there!

N.B. I’m pleased that we didn’t end up with ‘Tech Monday’ 🙂

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