Does iPhone mean business?

I’m in the process of using and understanding the new iPhone SDK from Apple. Consequently, I’m keeping my eyes keenly on new news stories about the iPhone. There are plenty of rumours surrounding the iPhone especially ahead of the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June.
The main rumours regard a possible 3G version of the iPhone and more business style features like Microsoft Exchange support.
There’s no doubt that a device as flexible as the iPhone, based on Mac OS X could easily be a challenger to the Blackberry if its pitched correctly.

O2 is the UK’s sole network provider for the iPhone and says at the moment that iPhones aren’t available on business contracts at the present time.
Whilst the potential extra features on the iPhone will determine if its suitable for business users, O2 has not been appearing in a very positive light recently with a couple of stories features on The Register.

One describes how O2 reckon that 3G only needs to be 128kB/s when it should be up to 384kB/s. Their PR Team then messed up by calling The Register’s journalist without realising and allowing him to overhear a conversation where they called anyone needing more than 128kB/s ‘techie nerds‘. If they’re going to be supporting a new iPhone in June they need to get their act together, and quickly.

Also today, Gizmodo UK reports that Nokia are creating their own touchscreen phone dubbed the ‘Nokia Tube‘.

I’ve recently had a play with a Nokia N95 to help answer a customer support query. Whereas once I would have said Nokia had the best user interface and menu system of any phone, the N95 has ruined that opinion. It’s a confusing mess of high-resolution icons with very little user feedback. If that’s what the Nokia Tube is going to be like, then the over-used phrase of ‘iPhone killer’ will be far off the mark.
I use a Blackberry at Esendex when I’m on support. Having a keyboard is useful for typing a lot but its tiny and fiddly. I don’t know if newer Blackberry models are different but the default action of the click-wheel button being the equivalent of a PC right-click instead of a left-click is annoying at times. I think I’d rather have a wheel and two buttons rather than that behaviour.

I’ll let you know how I get on with the iPhone SDK but for the moment the simplicity and clean design of the iPhone is still a winner for me.

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