iMovie 08 and the DVD Image crash

I’ve upgraded finally to iLife 08 and I’m a complete fan. I’ll blog about all the things I love about iLife 08 later but my post today is to help explain one way that iMovie 08 may crash on loading.

I thought initially that it was having a problem generating the iPhoto video thumbnails which it does when it starts up. I tried many times to start it up and it didn’t seem to get any further each time. Was it a particular video on my machine that was causing this?

Turns out, no, it wasn’t. I had been testing a DVD image file that I had created with iDVD. I had the image file mounted in Finder using the Disk Image Mounter. It turns out that iMovie 08 just doesn’t cope with loading up while there’s a video DVD image mounted in Finder.

Simply close your DVD image file by ejecting it from the Finder and try loading iMovie 08 again and it’ll work. Maybe it’s trying to search the mounted image for video clips to catalogue. The error doesn’t give you much to go on. I have sent my findings to Apple so maybe we’ll see a fix shortly.

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