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It’s been a busy time at Esendex Towers because behind the scenes we’ve created a whole new service for anyone whose wanting to blog on the move.

BlogIt is a free service where you can sign up to be able to blog by text message. There are a lot of fancy mobile phones out there which attempt to give you the Internet while you move. To save you having to navigate to a website to then struggle with a blog editor interface on a small device, we’ve taken the hassle out of the process allowing you to capture the moment and thoughts that drive you to want to blog on the move in the first place.

BlogIt provides a bridge to allow any mobile phone (as long as it can text!) to be able to write a blog and best of all, it’s free! (see note at bottom)

At present, we’re offering four ways of setting up your blog:

  • /
  • Blogger XML Format
  • MetaWebLog XML Format
  • Email to Blog

For those of you who, like me, use WordPress as their blog (either self-hosted or on, then you can use the Blogger XML Format. You need to provide the full URL of your blog as the URL including /xmlrpc.php at the end. If you have the ability to create a new user on your blog that’s not an administrator to post to, then I think that’d be a good solution to follow.

The MetaWebLog XML format is provided if your blog type doesn’t support the Blogger API interface.

For those of you on Windows Live Spaces, or who would prefer to use email to blog posting, then you can select Email as a method of blogging. You set up your blog to accept emails usually to some secret trusted email address and we’ll send your BlogIt posts to that address.

So what are you waiting for? Why not try it out for yourself and see how easy it is.

Note: When I say ‘free’ I mean that Esendex do not charge for the use of BlogIt. You will still be liable for any charges incurred from sending an SMS text message from your phone to the BlogIt number. The mobile number we have provided for you to text your blog entries into is a normal long UK number so those of you who have text messages included in your price plans will be able to text it without incurring any premium or extra charges.

Disclaimer: These instructions are by no means complete, and are offered in good faith with no guarantees to their suitability to your own needs. Please read all the terms and conditions fully on the Esendex site before signing up.

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