Windows Alive

In a way, Microsoft are trying (seemingly desperately) to play catch up. This is an ironic statement in itself being the market leader in so many sectors of the computing world.

Windows Live services have been trying to keep pace with the various Google Apps that have been appearing, including Google Docs & Spreadsheets etc.

Now, with the launch of Windows Live in the UK with addresses finally, I’ve taken the time to download the Windows Live Services package.

I’ve been using the Flock browser to post to my blogs, keep an eye on my RSS feeds and the new social network features of Flock 1.0. However, part of the Windows Live installed software (not Web 2.0), is Windows Live Writer.

Apart from not detecting my self-hosted blog type correctly, it’s quite a polished blog editor. And the one thing it has over Flock is that you can save draft posts to the blog and not leave them on whichever local computer you’re on at the time. This is a welcome relief and I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

It does support many blog types so its not just for Windows Live Spaces at least. Let me know what you think if you get the urge to try it instead of using your usual web interface?

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