TechEd : Day 1

Greetings from Barcelona. Today started in the afternoon with the keynote speech from Jason Zander which has introduced new functionality in Visual Studio 2010. A very honest bloke who was brave enough to demo us Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7. Not just taking the safety off, but practically taking the tightrope away as well.

I’m going to write up my notes as I go, but the fact that Visual Studio 2010 has had its IDE re-written using Windows Presentation Foundation means that a lot of exciting new add-ons are coming. Also the ability to specify transforms for web.config files is a welcome addition after the frustration I’ve had with Web Deployment projects.

Well, its the Welcome Drinks party here at CCIB in Barcleona now so I’m off for more ‘networking’ (where networking = free beer, nibbles and XBox 360 stands 😉 ) It’s hard work being a developer on the cutting edge of Microsoft technology you know ?

If any of you are twittering and are here, send a message to JBJon and I’ll try and catch up with you.


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