Is Microsoft’s future ‘delicious’?

So have you had chance to see Microsoft’s (supposed) answer to Apple’s excellent Get A Mac adverts yet?

Well in case not, I’ve included it after the break. So I get the fact its got people talking because its obtuse, I get the fact that its not tying them to advertising one product but seriously have they thought about what this advert is saying?

Spoiler alert:

So Bill Gates is having trouble buying shoes from a cheap shoe store where the stiff shoes he’s buying don’t just quite fit? That says Microsoft is inflexible but cheap to me and Bill’s ‘shifting shorts’ move just says ‘well we’re promising to do something amazing but we can’t say what and we can say when we’ll deliver it’ which also sounds typically Microsoft.

Right direction, Microsoft, welcome to the video viral age finally. You’ve got two years of catching up to do on Apple’s bashing of Vista and how Mac OS X ‘just works’. There is a lot of healing that needs to be done after all of Vista’s promises seemed to fail so I accept that they need to do something but I’m not sure this is enough.

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