ODear, no iPhone

It took me a while to spot my email from O2 this morning admittedly. The chance to pre-order a 3G iPhone for delivery on launch day on Friday. A perfect opportunity to avoid queuing for nothing before work. I was all excited and started to fill out the forms convinced that as I’d added a 16Gb iPhone to my shopping cart that I’d managed to secure one.
So as I was filling out my address details as a new customer I clicked next to find myself back on the online shop home page. Aaaaaargh! Not now, I thought. Further attempts brought up the maintenance page. So close yet so far. The shutter had com down too late and I waited for the site to come back up to be greated with the news that the 16Gb had sold out. What an utter shambles it was. This wasn’t a denial of service attack. This was a set of real or existing customers whose load they should have tested and predicted!
So now I have to take my chances on Friday to get one. Bad day O2, your website failed a prospective customer.

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