Esendex Last Minute Sprint

In a change to normal development activities, this afternoon saw us do a bit of last minute preparation for a triathlon that Esendex is the headline sponsor for. It will, I guess, be business as usual on Sunday too for the Esendex Last Minute Sprint at Southwell with both Adam and Julian leading the way forward in the overall times for the eight staff members who will be competing.

Today we had a visit from Richard Stannard which was very worthwhile. Chatting to a world class althete was not only inspiring but he was full of useful advice. It has made the whole prospect of swimming, cycling and running at Silly-o’Clock on Sunday morning less daunting. I say morning, I think I need to get there just after the milk does, so its more a.s. (Apres Sanity) than a.m.

There have been times at the gym these last few weeks that I did question my own sanity for attempting this but it has been a great goal to aim for.

The motley crew from Sales, Operations and Development are joining in with the semi-professionals and this will be my first triathlon. I think Julian has such a good swim time that he’s starting on Monday (I joke!). Despite gunning for the wooden spoon prize I am just looking to have fun and make it around in one piece. Oh, and I’m also trying to aim to not be overtaken by Adam or Julian 😉

Thanks to Ewan for his kind words of support. I’ll let you all know how I got on (if I have the energy to type!)