SUDS – Short URL Discovery Service

URL Shortening Services have been springing up all over the place since Twitter’s continued rise in popularity. The ability to use less characters to link to any webpage isn’t limited to short messaging platforms like SMS and Twitter. I’ve seen plenty of technical presentations include them to aid those taking notes not having to write too much.

Recently brands have been creating their own short URLs rather letting others obfuscate their identities. and have started to appear. Also 3rd party Twitter clients like @TweetDeck have started to shorten URLs in these custom formats.

It got me thinking there should be a Short URL Discovery Service (SUDS) defined. Domains could then be queried for a shorter version of a URL.
A simple query for a resource on that domain could reveal a shorter form or if there’s no response the 3rd party could use the user’s preferred generic URL shortening service.

I quite like these custom brand driven short URLs as it’s clearer where the link will take me.

Not checked to see if theres something like this already as I’m currently on the move. But if you think it’s an idea worth perusing, get in touch and we’ll brainstorm.