SourceSafe: “Only one database connection at a time is supported.”

I’ve been having intermittent problems with Visual Studio 2005 and SourceSafe 2005 occasionally complaining that “Only one database connection at a time is supported” when I load up solutions with multiple projects in them.

A Microsoft Knowledge-base article pointed me to the potential problem. Looking in the mssccprj.scc files forĀ  both .csproj files loaded in the solution, I spotted one of them had an extra entry for a .sln file as well as the .csproj file. Both of the SCC_Aux_Path variables for the .csproj definitions were the same so the knowledge-base fix wasn’t quite correct.

Removing the definition for the .sln file from the mssccprj.scc file has helped remove this problem. Saves doing the usual suggestion of ‘SourceSafe is screwed on your machine, you should get it reinstalled’.