Debugging iPhone application unit tests

I’ve been learning a whole raft of new things lately as I get back into developing for the iPhone in earnest. There is a series of blog posts I’ve been planning on setting up Continuous Integration and Test Driven Development for iPhone applications. However, this post is more of a “where I’ve got to so far” with unit testing with iPhone development and a quick plea for information if you have anything to add.

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iPhone now blogs

So finally the application I’ve been missing has turned up on the Application Store. WordPress from those lovely people at Automattic has provided a free app to blog direct to my self-hosted blogs. It’s a great first step and works really well.
I hope a future version will include an admin interface as well. So hello from Esendex Towers and me blogging from my iPhone!

The Night before iPhone

Twas the night before Friday, when all through the house, the PC was crashing, couldn’t talk to its mouse.
The taxi was booked for 5:20 with care, with hopes that a 16Gb iPhone soon would be there.
His fiancee was nestled all snug in the bed, while visions of multitouch danced in his head.
And to ensure that the world would hear news bit by bit, he’s set up and using Esendex‘s BlogIt!

Mobile post from the Esendex BlogIt service

New iPhones ahoy?

The recent news that the 8Gb version of the iPhone was discounted wasn’t a huge shock with rumours of a pending 3G / Business flavoured iPhone in the distance.  However, today sees MacRumours reporting that O2 have stopped selling ANY iPhones, 8Gb or 16Gb.

Sales might have been lighter than they anticipated, due to the lack of 3G maybe, but to stop selling it altogether? Surely this points at the suspected release date for the updated iPhone of June being brought forward a lot sooner?

I know personally that I’ve been waiting for this refresh, partially fuelled by the development work I’ve been doing on the iPhone SDK which will allow applications to be deployed on this version of the firmware, and the improved feature set including 3G.

I hope they’ll also keep the prices keen if they’re wanting businesses to take them up as serious alternatives to RIM. After having used a Blackberry for my on-call support duties, I know I’d much rather interact with an iPhone any day.

So, keep your ears to the ground and hopefully we’ll see a brand new iPhone very very shortly.