Importing AVCHD movies to iMovie

At first, it appears that the AVCHD movie files that certain cameras use are difficult to import into iMovie without some sort of conversion software.

Ignore all that, you can do it all with Disk Utility and your Mac without spending a dime/penny/whatever your local unit of currency is.

  1. Start Applications->Utilities->Disk Utility up.
  2. Click ‘New Image’
  3. Give it a file name in the ‘Save As’ box and select where you want it saving.
  4. Select the ‘Size’ . I used a 4.6Gb (DVD-R / DVD-RAM) size as I knew what size of files I’d copied from the SD card were.
  5. Click ‘Create’
  6. Go into Finder and if its not already opened the Image File (called Disk Image) in your Devices section, find the image and open it.
  7. Drag the files from your camcorder’s memory card to the image file, folders included. I copied the AVCHD folder from within the PRIVATE folder on the SD card that came out of the Canon Camcorder. It contained two subdirectories called BDMV and CANON with all the bits and bobs in it.
  8. When it’s finished copying, eject the disk image.
  9. Start iMovie
  10. Open the image file again and iMovie should detect it as a camera and offer to import it all for you!

Simple, hey? 🙂