Credit card validation

We’ve been updating the e-commerce side of the website to work with Maestro cards in the near future. As a result, I’ve had my first delve into card processing and some of the simple techniques that you can use to validate a card before submitting details to a bank / online card processing service.

The strange sounding Luhn Algorithm is used as a quick checksum of the credit card digits (and a few other things) and will detect most transposed digits. Continue reading Credit card validation

Welcome to dev:ices

I’ve decided to give my development blog a new lease of life since the reinstall of the server. I guess the other reason I’m hopeful about continuing to blog more is the discovery of ScribeFire which plugs into Firefox and seems to make the whole process of blogging a lot easier. Not least the ability to reference the page you’re currently browsing, so I’m looking forward to playing with that.

And with my new job at Esendex if I come across any interesting programming insights in the process, I aim to share them here. Any personal ramblings will continue to be on Badger.