Plesk 9.2.1 Greylisting

In case, like me, you’re having trouble enabling the newly supported ‘Greylisting’ feature after upgrading Plesk to 9.2.1, I managed to find the solution.
Every time I tried to enable Greylisting I got
Failed to exec glmng cli. file does not exist or is not executable: / usr / local / psa / admin / bin / glmng
It seems that the Updater from the Control Panel fails to complete all the tasks necessary. Thankfully I found a blog post on which explained how to complete upgrading manually.
and then proceed through the remaining screens using ‘Enter’ for the default Next Page action.
After that the option to enable Greylisting doesn’t produce the error.

A little SugarOS on your Plesk?

There are many quirks which are picked up by using a website management package like Plesk. My remote Linux server has this installed by default on it, and it does simplify a lot of basic operations. It does become difficult when standard Linux / Apache information doesn’t help because Plesk rearranges things into its own way of doing things.
This has been improved in the latest version installed ( version 8 ) as the virtual hosts directory is finally under the /var/www/ directory more like a standard Apache setup.

I’ve been wanting to trial the open-source customer relationship management software, SugarOS. I kept finding a block at Install Wizard Step 2 where it did a system check and failed at accessing the PHP Session directory.
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