When did you last ask an Aardvark a question?

Not too long ago, companies chased the illusive ‘Web 2.0’ buzz-phrase which seemed to only consist of glossy icons and sticking ‘BETA’ somewhere on your new site design.┬áThese days it’s ‘social networks’ that is the ‘must-have’ feature for the success of any new online service.

Social networks have their uses in finding out what your friends and contacts are up to, but what if you wanted to unlock the power of these connections?

Aardvark seems to have hit the nail right on the head with their offering to the social network revolution. Their service, usable via their website, email, IM and now iPhone, aims to get you an answer to any question you care to pose to the collective brain of its connected users. Sure, you can post a question to Twitter and hope one of your followers (or someone searching at the time) can answer it. Chances are you’re just shouting into the darkness. Alternatively, you could just hit your favourite search engine and try any combination of keywords to try get a tailored answer.

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