Ur clrd 2 lnd

In case you’ve not yet realised the business benefits of using SMS, then maybe this story from Ireland will help convince you.

The Irish Times wrote a story last Thursday about how an air traffic controller used SMS to guide a plane down safely.

He then lost audio telephone contact but the air traffic controller switched to texting and told the pilot that he had a primary radar signal on the aircraft and that Cork would allow them to land there. He then used texts to guide the 30-year-old plane in.

So maybe rethinking the usage of phones on planes needs revisiting? SMS might be small but it can be powerful. A bit like the Twitter story of the guy whose one word triggered a whole community response to his arrest in Egypt.

Powered by Elephants

Apparently this coffee is elephant powered. Well, made with Elephant Beans anyway.
Unlike that Kopi Luha (sp) whose beans have passed through the digestive system of a wild cat, I’m hoping these haven’t been fished out of some dung. I jest of course as it refers to the size of the beans.
It does make you start to question what your beverage has been through to get to your cup!