SLAP, my service’s up!

As part of the new raft of services in development here at Esendex Towers, Adam‘s been busy with his inventing hat on again. Fresh from the lab is SLAP: Service Location and Announcement Protocol. This post is inspired by just how useful basing your inter-service communications on SLAP can be when it comes to development, testing and future resilience.

SLAP is a helping hand to provide and consume network-based services.

  • For a service provider, SLAP will help it broadcast its location and status.
  • For a service consumer, SLAP will help it find a working instance of the service it needs to use.

Adam’s been introducing SLAP and the two basic UDP messages that make SLAP work: LOCATE and ANNOUNCE. We’ve included these two simple messages in a SLAP Node and built on top of this. The following descriptions illustrates how SLAP can be very useful when integrated into your services. These examples are based on how we’re using SLAP, and not fully reproducible from the basic SLAP examples on Adam’s blog. I’m sure there’ll be more sample code to come.

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