You don’t know XBox Live

Regardless of your thoughts on the various merits of each of the games consoles jostling for the top spot, the XBox 360 has the upper edge for me every time. Yes, the Nintendo Wii is amazingly addictive, but the Wiimote is often jittery and lacks accuracy at times (why bother with skill when you can just waggle your wrist and get a series of killer moves with a sword?)
The success of the 360 is not down to the fact it beat the other competition to market by a long way. It is the success of the community that you can instantly plug into, interact with and play against. XBox Live is a triumph and the XBox Live Arcade (XBLA) produces some of the most fun playable quick-pickup games on the platform.
Joystiq have mentioned the fact there is a Scene It demo on Xbox Live now. It is their final paragraph that brought a smile to my face when they said:

The full Scene It is expected Nov. 6 and will retail for $60, which includes the four big button controllers. There is currently no other announced use in the future for these controllers beyond Scene It and its guaranteed XBM expansion packs. We’re just going to go ahead and say it again: We want XBLA You Don’t Know Jack!

Scene It demo on Xbox Live – Joystiq

You Don’t Know Jack was one of my favourite games, which only had one UK release as far as I’m aware. This is a shame as the format was superb. Go try the recently released episodes on the website to get a flavour if you’ve never had the pleasure. It’s the perfect game for parties as its just so silly.

So an XBox Live version of You Don’t Know Jack? On the cards? Probably not, but come on Jellyvision, get it sorted!

Having a Ballmer

“I would love to see all open source innovation happen on top of Windows”

Ballmer: All open source dev should happen on Windows | The Register

Obviously all that flapping up and down screaming “Developers, developers, developers, developers” (see after the break) has starved Steve Ballmer of critical oxygen supply to his brain of late.

He continued with his declaration that he will buy 20 web companies over the next five years. Wired reports a budget of between $50m and $1bn according to TheRegister.

“Those will be good acquisitions, and they’re important to us,” he said. “And they’re of strategic importance.”

Ballmer: I will buy 20 web companies a year | The Register
That just screams “Well you know we’ve got 10s of thousands of developers working for us, just a shame our culture isn’t providing the flexibility to allow them to come up with interesting new ideas, so we’ll just get other people’s ideas instead”.
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Test Driven Documentation

Esendex fully embraces the idea of test-driven development (TDD), something I was introduced to during my time at Fujitsu-Siemens Computers.
Microsoft have just released a new MSDN site called the Tester Center Home. Whilst I’m sure its got some useful information on it, the matter-of-fact MSDN style doesn’t invite me to delve into it to find helpful hints and tips on TDD, personally speaking.
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Joost a minute

With the news today that the Skype founders, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis have quit Skype as eBay decide they’ve paid too much for the company, the future of the online telephony service is feeling a bit more shaky.
Skype for all it has done for introducing IP based telephony to the masses is another example of how you can make money from software which doesn’t require you to pay anything for most of its usage.
So what next for the innovate two-some who dreamt up Skype (and promised it would always be free? we’ll see) ?
Joost, an internet-based TV/movie streaming service, was a closed beta service for a long time, with plenty of people wanting to peer over the fence to see what was going on.
Maybe triggered by this trouble with eBay, they’ve opened up the software for all to share and enjoy.
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