Credit card validation

We’ve been updating the e-commerce side of the website to work with Maestro cards in the near future. As a result, I’ve had my first delve into card processing and some of the simple techniques that you can use to validate a card before submitting details to a bank / online card processing service.

The strange sounding Luhn Algorithm is used as a quick checksum of the credit card digits (and a few other things) and will detect most transposed digits. Continue reading Credit card validation

XP’s Command Prompt retains old environment variables settings

The following post is courtesy of the IMMWITWIGIOTSS Society to save your brain while it’s still pressing Snooze at home.
Logic would dictate if you update the PATH environment variable then you’d hope the next command you uttered from the command prompt window would use this updated information. You can keep typing ‘echo %PATH%’ till the cows come home but your settings won’t appear to have changed.
Just close the window, open up a new command prompt and save your brain cells.
Yes, we tripped over this this morning, but it was BC.

Welcome to dev:ices

I’ve decided to give my development blog a new lease of life since the reinstall of the server. I guess the other reason I’m hopeful about continuing to blog more is the discovery of ScribeFire which plugs into Firefox and seems to make the whole process of blogging a lot easier. Not least the ability to reference the page you’re currently browsing, so I’m looking forward to playing with that.

And with my new job at Esendex if I come across any interesting programming insights in the process, I aim to share them here. Any personal ramblings will continue to be on Badger.