Hole in the wall

I hope for our sales the BBC don’t make a cheesy hash of ‘Hole In The Wall’ but with Dale Winton at the helm it sounds like it’s headed that way. ‘Human Tetris’ or ‘Tunnels’ in Japan is a successful game show where contestants stand in the way of an advancing polystyrene wall with a shape cut from it. The aim of the game is to pass through relatively unharmed and not get knocked into the pool directly behind you. Celebrities dressed in all-in-one silver latex suits are challenged to ever more complex and speedy shapes.
If you’re into daft please go and search for ‘Human Tetris’ on YouTube ( I’ll paste links when I’m home and not blogging on my iPhone).
No doubt the Uk version will ditch the shiny suits and make another National Lottery gameshow lame clone but I prepare to be corrected if people behind the show are true fans.

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