Hole in the wall

I hope for our sales the BBC don’t make a cheesy hash of ‘Hole In The Wall’ but with Dale Winton at the helm it sounds like it’s headed that way. ‘Human Tetris’ or ‘Tunnels’ in Japan is a successful game show where contestants stand in the way of an advancing polystyrene wall with a shape cut from it. The aim of the game is to pass through relatively unharmed and not get knocked into the pool directly behind you. Celebrities dressed in all-in-one silver latex suits are challenged to ever more complex and speedy shapes.
If you’re into daft please go and search for ‘Human Tetris’ on YouTube ( I’ll paste links when I’m home and not blogging on my iPhone).
No doubt the Uk version will ditch the shiny suits and make another National Lottery gameshow lame clone but I prepare to be corrected if people behind the show are true fans.

British Summer

I love the UK and all it’s quirkiness including the weather. It’s a lovely day here in Nottingham and was yesterday. It’s been very meditteranean here at the moment. No doubt it’ll be raining tomorrow.
So what’s to like? It never gets boring that’s what. I’m no good in very hot weather. You can always get warm but getting cold is more difficult. Yes I accept that a long period of hot weather would give us the opportunity of planning barbecues without using umbrellas. But it’s that adaptability to change that is our strength.
So roll on the sun and the rain. It’s crazy and ours.