Advertising Words

I certainly seem to watch more TV these days as I sit down after a busy day at Esendex. As much as I try and switch off during the adverts, I do keep hearing odd words crop up which seem to become the ‘vogue’.


Whilst cosmetic companies are forever coming up with random chemical sounding names for their additives for ‘the science bit’, there seems to be one which is this year’s in phrase.

What did we do before products offered ‘tautening’? Were we reduced to saggy “A-zones”, reduced to contemplating if a pony tail dragging the scalp back with hair would be our only salvation? No, obviously not. But that doesn’t stop advertisers trying to make the gullible feel that they need tautening.


“It’s more than a detergent, it’s a safetergent”. Oh get over yourself already. It’s a non-soap surfactant if you want to be picky, but safe-tergent? Come on Woolite, you’ve invented an advert so annoying that it’s actually actively putting me off the product. Own goal.

I’m sure there’s plenty more. At least the Glade ‘sooooothing light’ advert has disappeared now too.

What are your pet hate adverts, given we have to watch the things still? (Sky+ owners withstanding, which my brother loves to say how he doesn’t watch adverts anymore. Until they take the wheels off that kart and force you to watch adverts when you start playback off your HD 🙂 )