A long road but definitely worth it

Today marks the end of my undergraduate studies as I was formally presented with my First Class degree certificate at the graduation ceremony in Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall. With hundreds of other graduands, I collected my award shaking the hand of the Vice-Chancellor in a very well organised ceremony which was both a solemn celebration and direct and to the point. It’s a sign really of the kind of dynamic university that Nottingham Trent is compared to my previous ‘red-brick’ university experience I had in the 90s.

It has been a long four years of hard work, but it has all been worth it. Today’s been a brilliant celebration from start to finish and even better sharing it with my brilliant fiancée Linz, who’s been a great inspiration and support; and my parents who have been solid support in my life.

So now I continue developing my professional career at Esendex where I’m already learning a heck of a lot of good stuff from good people. Off for a curry to celebrate now. Maybe a tip of the hat to the ‘Curry Mile’ in Selly Oak maybe? I think I deserve it.

Graduation Day

[Edit] I’ve done a quick splice job on the online version of the graduation video from Nottingham Trent University’s website to capture the moment.

6 thoughts on “A long road but definitely worth it”

  1. Way to go dude, congrats an all that bunkum. Apart from the usual do I have to address you any different ?
    psssssst who the good looking girl?

    stay well my friend

  2. Well done mate.

    Its nice to see that my uni isn’t the only university that has poor taste when it comes to selecting colours for the hood 🙂

  3. Astoundingly late in the day – congratulations! Just found your blog again. Hope all’s going well. I’m still working although the bus pass is only weeks away.

    Cheers for now


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