Eurovision: A reason to celebrate

Where else in the world do you get a staged event full of so many different cultures? It’s a blast. Sure, the voting is beyond farcicle these days, where it feels more like ‘which country needs the injection of cash from tourism and media spotlight this time?’. Sure, neighbouring countries vote for each other as if Eurovision meant the making and breaking of trade agreements. But in a time where there’s no current series of EuroTrash to celebrate the odd corners of our strange neighbours, Eurovision does it in one swoop.

Personally, I think ‘Scootch’ (Real Player) did us proud given the shoddy entries we’ve put forward in the past few years. They were slick in their routine, used more props than anyone else, and provided the proper slab of camp pop that Eurovision is all about! (Obviously the rehearsals by performing at G.A.Y. payed off.. heh). Hadn’t spotted the ‘Bucks Fizz’ reference until he offers the passenger a drink, nice touch Scooch.
I think that all the European Broadcast Union countries that get in by default (from the amount of money and expertise we throw at staging the event) means that we’re never going to win again. Maybe when we’ve got through all the new countries to join the EU we might get a shot at holding it again.

It’s a shame the Swiss entry “Vampires Are Alive” (Real Player) didn’t make it past the Semi-final stage.

But I think the performance of the night, which captured the EuroTrash mood which makes me smile so much, had to be Verka Serduchka’s performance for the Ukraine. Fantastically funny from start to finish. Hope someone gets the Eurovision performance up on YouTube soon but I’ll leave you with a version of the video which still makes me chuckle.

We might be odd bedfellows but I think it makes us unique and not at all stuffy.

Enjoy and DANZ!

[Edit : I’ve found the proper Eurovision performance now on YouTube and have changed the video below to that one. The star of the night was definitely that Barco projection screen behind them. From a lighting point of view, the fact that it consists of relatively thin bars of LEDs means they can shine lights from behind. And this song of Verka’s was the best example of this. Watch closely for the beams of light co-inciding with the graphics of moving lights on the screen. Very, very clever stuff guys.]

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